Mockup of client The Wilder website on mobile and tablet

About the Brand

The Wilder is a social enterprise that aims to support busy professionals with a creative immersion into nature. They create hands-on experiences and in-person opportunities for people to deeply connect with and learn about the environment and living more sustainably.


The Wilder’s existing website struggled to effectively convey the startup's unique value proposition, serving as a weak first point of contact for potential customers.

The initial stages saw limited growth, and the startup's unique blend of outdoor activities, creativity, community engagement, and collaboration was not effectively communicated through the existing platform. They lacked a distinctive brand identity, making it challenging to connect with its audience and stand out in a competitive market.

Our Solution

To address the challenge, we developed a comprehensive solution involving the creation of a distinct brand identity and a responsive website.

We meticulously crafted visual elements and messaging to encapsulate the essence of esurfing and resonate with the target audience. Additionally, our focus on responsive web design ensured optimal viewing across devices, enhancing accessibility and usability.

Brand Strategy

We recognized the pivotal role of brand design in shaping the overall content strategy. The Wilder's brand identity was carefully crafted to reflect its core values of creativity, environmental stewardship, and community engagement.

Content Strategy

Drawing inspiration from this identity, we adopted a co-creative approach to develop a content strategy that would resonate with the startup's audience.After conducting a thorough competitive market and industry analysis, we decided on a moodboard and a colour palette to base the brand identity on - prioritizing hand-drawn elements, earth tones, and bold, easily readable text for all of the design components.

Our Impact

• Online traffic to the site post re-design increased by 400% over 3 months from January-April 2022.

• The Wilder enjoyed the #1 spot for both competitive long-tail keywords “Events in Squamish” and “Things to do in Squamish.” for 6 months from April 2022-August 2022.

• Implementing insights from user-testing research and service design resulted in tickets selling out for all of The Wilder’s events