About the Brand

Vancity Postering distributes eye-catching poster displays and outdoor ads strategically positioned in high-traffic areas, ensuring visibility for their clients. From vibrant street posters to attention-grabbing billboards they specialize in harnessing the power of urban spaces to create captivating campaigns that resonate with their client's target audience.


Vancity Postering faced challenges with stagnant traffic, increasing competition, and complicated client onboarding. To overcome these obstacles, they embarked on a journey to revitalize their brand presence. By redesigning their identity and launching a new website, they aimed to improve conversions and reach the top position on Google for postering in the cities they targeted.

Our Solution

The visual identity seamlessly integrates design elements that resonate deeply with its target audience. Vancity Postering's responsive web design and carefully crafted copy were driven by their core values, featuring intuitive navigation, captivating visuals, reliable content, and a touch of playfulness in the language to foster genuine connections with visitors.

The platform was meticulously designed with a focus on both SEO optimization and user experience, ensuring high visibility in search engine rankings while providing a seamless and engaging browsing experience for visitors. This comprehensive online platform not only resonated with Vancity Postering's target audience but also significantly boosted their sales.

van city postering posters on a lamp post


The seamless integration of a captivating visual identity and a highly intuitive website proved to be a winning formula, resonating profoundly with their target audience and effectively engaging potential clients at every touchpoint.

Once their new site was launched, Vancity Postering experienced an impressive 70% increase in conversions and a 6x increase in online traffic within three-months.

Example of work by client SkylineCity media of posters on a wall