Maximize Your Digital Potential!

This grant serves as a way for small to medium-sized businesses to leverage the conversion and traffic-building potential of web design and development, e-commerce feature implementation, SEO, and digital marketing to unlock the full potential of an online platform.

  • To apply, your business must:

    • Be for-profit and registered or incorporated with a business number
    • Serve end-use consumers or provide in-person consumer services
    • Have at least one non-owner employee or $30,000 in annual revenue
    • Commit to a digital adoption strategy for six months post-program
    • Consent to follow-up surveys and information sharing
  • Ineligible businesses include:

    • Corporate chains, franchises, not-for-profit companies, or registered charities
    • Multi-level marketing representatives
    • Brokerage firms and their agents
    • Online resellers or drop-shippers reliant on third-party suppliers
    • Wholesale or distribution businesses (unless selling directly to consumers)
    • International companies without a Canadian business number

Eligible Costs Covered

All costs must be directly related to online sales of goods and services. Brick-and-mortar businesses are still eligible for the grant. However, covered expenses will focus on adopting and optimizing digital platforms and marketing strategies.

What Is Covered by the Grow Your Business Grant:

Website Development & Functionality Enhancement

This grant can be used towards the design and development of your online platform, or to increase functionality through added features and online tools to make running your business easier.

E-commerce Platform Installation

Our team can seamlessly install and configure a UX-friendly e-commerce platform tailored to your business needs, helping you make sure that all associated subscription fees and costs are covered by the grant.

Digital Marketing

Leverage effective digital marketing strategies for your business. Our expertise spans social media advertising, PPC, & other marketing activities. However, please note that your grant cannot be solely allocated to digital marketing or social media ads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We enhance your website's visibility and attract more traffic through keyword optimization, page speed optimization, mobile friendly responsiveness, internal & back link building, and other SEO tactics.

What Is Not Covered by the Grow Your Business Grant:

Transactions Made Before Grant Approval

While any services conducted before grant approval are not covered, Designery Digital offers a pathway to continued growth and improvement. Book a discovery call and we can help you pinpoint areas of enhancement for your business.

Logo Redesign and Rebranding

While logo redesign and rebranding may not be covered by the grant, Designery Digital offers a unique solution to maximize your grant's value. We bundle our web design and brand strategy services into a comprehensive package that can be heavily subsidized by the grant.

Owner or Employee Salaries

Costs such as owner's or employee salaries, interest payments, fines, or penalties fall outside the grant's coverage. By partnering with Designery Digital, you can strategically invest your grant in areas that directly contribute to your business's growth and online success.


What Do You Need To Apply?

Contact Information

The communication from the Government of Canada grant officials will be contacting you via your business contact, so make sure that you have your business and owner contact details ready.

Business Confirmation

Submit a government-issued document confirming business registration (e.g., incorporation or registration documents, CRA business number, operating/business license) or Federal Business Number/GST/HST number. Indigenous businesses should provide proof of registration with a Band Council.

Eligibility: Employment Verification or Proof of Annual Revenue

The business owner must affirm that the business employed at least one person (excluding the owner) for a minimum of three months preceding the application, or attest to gross annual revenue exceeding $30,000.

Business Duration & Industry Details

Indicate the number of years the business has been operational, specify the industry type and provide the corresponding NAICS code.

Proposal Submission

Detail how the grant funds will be allocated across eligible cost categories. We can help you figure out the best use of the grant funds for your specific business, book a call with us to go over some options.

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If you have questions about CDAP or need further assistance, the Government of Canada operates a dedicated help desk to provide support and information. You can reach out to them at 1-800-328-6189 or via email.

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