E/P cannabis chocolate bars spice bar

About the Brand:

E.P Infusions offered high-quality cannabis-infused luxury chocolates, truffles, and beverages made with single-origin cacao from Ecuador. Each of their products was thoughtfully crafted to exude an inclination towards luxury while embracing a forward-focused design approach that contrasted with the main players in the industry at the time.


E.P Infusions was looking to build a brand with the goal of standing out in an ever-changing market, developing a community in the cannabis niche with beautiful products people wanted to share, increasing their sales and growing their business.

E/P cannabis chocolate mosaic

The Solution

The brand design of E.P infusions was built with luxury in mind. As a small boutique edible business, E.P leveraged their high-end design to make a statement in the cannabis industry.


By distilling the essence of the brand's values and unique offerings, we created a cohesive identity that captured the attention of media outlets, resulting in widespread recognition and exposure on a national scale.

E/P Cannabis chocolate on shelves

High Times

Navigating Canada’s Underground Edibles Scene

"Featured in Elle Magazine,Vice, andThe Globe And Mail, EP has gone on to make history as the featured edible in the 80th edition of the industry’sFood & Beverage Magazine. EP’s high-design aesthetic means every gourmet bar is exquisitely wrapped in Japanese paper."

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The Hottest Item at This Toronto Design Boutique?

“The product really stood out from an aesthetic standpoint,” says the owner of the design studio, who originally came across the chocolate bars at a Green Market event in Toronto.

“It immediately shattered a lot of assumptions that we always have about anything cannabis-related. Not only is it pretty, not only does it taste good, but it works.”